Neon Space Rainmeter

neon space rainmeter

Neon Space Rainmeter skin is one of the most advanced Rainmeter skin Available for free download, it features amazing glowing skins and themes that will keep you staring at your desktop for hours because this skin contains lots of widgets ranging from clock, To*do list, CPU monitoring, volume control, Weather skins CPU & GPU temperature monitor, Ram, G mail, Data measures Audio visualizers and much more. Neon space is manly a space themed Rainmeter skin and you will find lots of configuration possibilities with it. It was developed by ” 99villages” from deviant art. This skin is a must have for any Space/ Sci-Fi enthusiast, Neon space is one of our highly recommended skins. It also comes with a menu skin which allows for easy setup. Download it now from the link below.


Download Neon Space



File Size

66.5 MB




Rainmerer & Win 7/8/10

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neon space rainmeter